Tracy Parker


My Daughter came up with this idea. We tried it today and we both loved the outcome of it. Really loving working with candles.

The House (the re-edit)

This picture means a lot to me. This was taken with my first camera less than a year ago. It was my first concept photo and also the first photo that really brought lots of people to look at me as a photographer rather than just a person with a good camera. this is the third time I have edited this photo. each time I find better ways to edit and better ways to show the house in the way i wanted to the first time. I have grown so much as a photographer and also upgraded my camera and lens, but this photograph proves that it's not what you use, it's how you use it to tell a story. That is what photography is all about in the end. A story told thru a lens. I hope you all like it. And i hope no one hits the disilke button on me for this one. Thank you for your support.

A Mother's Love 2

This is another photograph that means a lot to me. This was one of the first concept photos I came up with for parents. My good friend sat with her daughter and just played while I captured the right moments to edit into this later. The editing brings it all together for me. There is many layers to it, just like in the relationship of their bond. This is another photo that brought me out of the pack from being a nobody to a somebody in my area. Once again I didn't shoot this with the best gear, but I used editing and expression to tell a story instead of just pure quality of image. I look forward to doing many more of these in the future with the knowledge i have not and also the better equipment, but in the end it's what you do to tell the story more than what you shot it with. Hope you all like it. Have a great day.

On The Rail

I remember when I told Chelsea about this shot. She was excited and was totally up to it. My friend and her friend both just looked at each other and thought we were nuts. After a few test shots and changes in posing, we got this one and all were so happy. Chelsea never did a photo shoot before this and always hated her picture taken, but now she is more confident and has fallen in love with photography. These are the kind of people I love to work with. To build someones self esteem up is better than just taking a picture of someone that already knows they are beautiful. I hope you all like this.


This is my oldest Daughter Destiny. We decided to play around with some different stuff this weekend. She loves dance and I have been wanting to try some jump shots, so we put this all together. My first try with my flash and softbox in my studio. I don't have strobes yet, so i didn't quite get the light i was hoping for, but it was fun to test and get something cool. But mostly we just had a great time spending time together and both doing something we love. I'll take moments like that any day over getting the perfect image. I hope you all enjoy it. there will be more of this stuff in the future. have a great day.

Christie By Candlelight

Meet Christie. She came to the studio for the first time today. She is an amazing beauty and by candlelight she is just that much more amazing. This was shot with my new lens and I think it is my best one so far by candlelight. I have many more from this shoot to come, but since she loved this one the most, I decided to make her happy and share it with all of you. I am excited to see how you all like it and hear your comments. I am a lucky photographer to have her walk into my studio today. Hope you enjoy. Thanks.